Tuesday, 5 December 2017

DJI Spark, the Best Drone You Can Buy Right Now

Nur Rochim

Do you know the best drone now? Drone with small size and having the best hand sensors in 2017. Correct, that is called DJI Spark. It is one of premium product by DJI Company in USA.

There are many photographers get some difficulties when taking picture in dangerous places, such as rivers, canyon, even mountain peak. Main difficulty is big size and heavy 5 kilograms. So, DJI designs drone with small size and simple to reduce photographers load when taking picture in dangerous places because its small size and 300 grams weight with same capability to DJI Phantom Series.

The best drone in 2017 become target for photographers because its advantages. The advantages are small size, easy to bring everywhere, advanced features, 12 MP camera, gimbal 2 axis, best and stable picture result, gesture, command based on hand movement, GPS, and capability for tracking coordinate as our need.

Quoted from dji.com, selling quantity of DJI Spark since May 2017 reached 7.000 units around the worlds. This quantity is so fantastic compared to previous drone, DJI Mavic which is sold 4.000 units. 500 units DJI Spark are imported to Indonesia and since October 2017 with pre order in dji.com website. They become expensive and most wanted by photographers.

I am sure this drone will become more popular in Indonesia because not many drone manufacturer in the world yet capable to create drone like DJI Spark with hand sensor and cheap, it is 6 million rupiahs and become 7 million rupiahs because many photographers wanted it. Quoted from gizmodo Australia July 2017, selling of this drone will always rising beside because of its cheap price, this drone have features more advanced than DJI Phantom so that will be popular supported by spare part availability for this drone.

So, what do you waiting for? Let’s get DJI Spark to reduce your load when taking picture and best features better than DJI Phantom with cheap price only 7 millions in Indonesia.

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